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  • Great service, updates, and response times, working with responsive and knowledgeable staff
  • Vehicles repossessed in a timely manner and sold for fair market value
  • Reporting to validate and measure your success

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In 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Needs discovery call:
    A 15- to 30-minute call to identify mutual synergies, and a reply with a time that works for you!
  2. Welcome call:
    15 minutes to establish strategic services
  3. Training:
    A 45-55 minute call depending on your questions and needs
  4. Assignment:
    In 5 minutes, you can assign your first unit!
Try us! Partner with Repo Remarketing Find Track Locate Nationwide Nationwide Networking Volume Pricing Skip Tracing LPR (License Plate Recognition) Transport Auction Services Title Services Remarketing Reduce Servicing Time From 2.5 Hours To 15 Minutes Open Your Market More Bidders. Higher Returns. Small Market or Captive Selling Small Market Seller Receives $16,300 Large Market and Buying Audience Large Market Seller Receives $17,100 ~ More Bidders = Higher Prices Increase your Returns by 8-10% More Units per Month = More $ per Year

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Phone: (916) 725-2708
Toll Free: (877) 725-2708
Fax: (615) 332-3872

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Reasons to use
Repo Remarketing:

Credit Union Centric services since 1998; You have one credit union partner — anywhere in the USA!

  • Local area, out of area or every area. Have a tough area of coverage? You won’t with us!
  • Comprehensive Recovery Management Service driving nationwide recovery, remarketing, investigations, skip tracing, license plate recognition (we are 1 of only 11 national providers), field call, transport, and title services.
  • CU staff involvement, little to none required. Enter a Zip code and VIN # and we’ll take care of the rest OR be involved at every action point.
  • Full or a la carte service; assign as you deem appropriate and choose all or individual services. Try one or all and test our people, process and service.
  • Fully CFPB compliant processes today and prepared for your future.
  • Endorsed by the Northwest Credit Union Association.
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