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Repossession Management and Remarketing Benefits for Lenders

With Repo Remarketing, the power of aggregation brings Lenders together for industry-proven solutions and bottom-line benefits:

  • One partner, one relationship, streamlined nationwide services
  • Increased network efficiencies on-line and throughout the USA
  • Save staff time with innovative and pro-active services
  • Free Condition Reports, Storage and Pictures
  • Superior inventory control menu with snap shot and real time workflow and reporting 24/7
  • Efficient, seamless integration from Repossession Management to Remarketing
  • Robust Reporting, know where you stand to the market and your peers
National Repossession Management, Skiptracing, and License Plate Recognition Solutions:
  • Top performing independent repossession contractors, increased recovery ratios
  • Nationwide coverage with 3,000+ agent network
  • Live, instant and transparent channel workflow
  • Free and included condition reports, storage and pictures
  • Full Repossession Management Services
    • Voluntary, Involuntary, Impound, Lien, and Field Calls
    • Skiptracing and Title Solutions
    • License Plate Recognition, Indian Reservations, and Border Seizure
National Remarketing, Title Service, Transport, Inspection, and Sales Solutions:
  • Strategic auction placement to reach top paying buyers
  • Premium lanes and run times for higher sales and net returns
  • Optimal presentation and marketing attracting more of the right buyers
  • Full Service Liquidation Services:
    • Transport, Title, Body, Mechanical, and Marketing
    • Collateral Validation with Industry-Standard Numbers
    • Cost-Effective Reconditioning: Invest $1 to get $4
    • Sale and Post-Sale Analytics and Benchmarks
How it works:
  1. Quick: Assign it on-line.
  2. Convenient: Receive emails for updates and links to direct your inventory.
  3. Efficient: Report on your Repos in our REPO Management System →RMS
  4. Easy: Let Repo Remarketing manage the REST!


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