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Feb 2014 Primeritus Financial Services (PFS) Acquires Repo Remarketing and Find Track Locate
Repo Remarketing, the streamlined flagship repossession management and remarketing platform for credit unions, is a perfect complement to all of the services PFS provides for banks, captive finance companies and specialty lenders.

Repo Remarketing announces its acquisition by Primeritus Financial Services (PFS)
Repo Remarketing will operate as a subsidiary with the same staff, mission, and commitment to our valued clients.
Dec 2013 Repo Remarketing announces Certified Program lifts sales prices 5%
Certified inspections validate vehicle condition for value enhanced seller disclosures. With the units presented as “Certified”, buyers found them more attractive with low risk of hidden problems.

Repo Remarketing announces its partnership with Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS)
Repo Remarketing continues to take the steps necessary to assist their client base to work more effectively, mitigating losses and decreasing risks.
May 2013 Repo Remarketing, a full service Provider ranked in the top 3 with a leading LPR provider
Increasing value to all partners, Repo Remarketing makes aggressive jump to a top strategic partner.
May 2012 Repo Remarketing Rolls out Skip-Tracing Company
Auto Remarketing discusses Find Track Locate (FTL) with Jodie Dawson, Repo Remarketing’s vice president of repossession management services.

Help is here to Find, Track, and Locate Evasive Debtors
Repo Remarketing announces the launch of its Skiptracing company, Find Track Locate (FTL).
Apr 2012 Credit Unions Rely on Repo Remarketing for Excellent Service
Repo Remarketing proudly announces that 96% of customers are satisfied with the services and deliverables, including 45% ‘extremely satisfied’.
Oct 2011 Credit Union Magazine: Repo Man Goes High-Tech
Auto remarketers manage all aspects of the repossession process, from technology such as license plate recognition, to skiptracing, to recovery, to liquidation. Working with us, a credit union’s cars show up in a premium lane versus a dealer lane where the quality of the cars is unknown.
Sep 2011 Repo Remarketing Names Rob Savre VP Business Services
Rob Savre brings three decades of repossession management, customer service and auction experience to the benefit of Credit Unions.
Jul 2011 Company Growth During Repossession Decline
46 states experienced a drop in their quarter-to-quarter delinquency rates. Is it possible that a Repo Remarketing could see growth? Risk Analysis & Proactive Services are Key.

Recognized Leaders in the Industry
Our own Claudia Plascencia makes the list of Who’s Who in Auto Remarketing Magazine, for her ability to develop solid plans to increase net returns for Repo Remarketing’s clients.
Mar 2011 Auction Value Guide Helps Capture Additional Money for Credit Unions
Repo Remarketing announces that it has integrated the NADA Auction Sales Guide to its vehicle valuation system for managing credit union sales inventory.
Dec 2010 License Plate Recognition Technology - Key to Repossession Recoveries
Repo Remarketing Announces Alliance with Digital Recognition Network (DRN), the industry leader in LPR services. This technology can prove to be an invaluable aid in locating units that were previously non-recoverable.
Sept 2010 Relationship Benefits Credit Unions Through Collaboration of Services
Credit Union Resources, Inc., an affiliated company of the Texas Credit Union League, has finalized an agreement with Repo Remarketing, Inc. to be the association’s preferred provider of repossession management and remarketing needs for Texas credit unions.

Ways to Streamline Repossessions
In the current economic climate, it is critical for repossession agents to streamline their processes.
July 2010 Repo Remarketing Expands Sales Team Into The Southeastern U.S.
Adam Hamza has been named Regional Executive Account Manager for Repo Remarketing.
June 2010 Get Your Inventory in the Recovery Express Lane
Effective remarketing will continue to remain the determinate between those who lead the pack, turning their repo inventory into a keystone of net return, and those who sit on the sidelines.
May 2010 Some Repo, Remarketing Ideas to Drive the Best Results
The significant increase in repossessions has led credit unions to ask themselves whether their staff efforts would be better used in the collection process rather than trying to become experts in the repossession management and remarketing cycles.
April 2010 Credit Union Journal: Return to Lender
Credit unions selling repossessed vehicles through auto auctions are getting greater returns than liquidating cars through other wholesale channels.
March 2010 Use the Power of aggregation in the Liquidation Process
From the auction standpoint, most credit unions are unable to deliver a sufficient number of vehicles to sell that will give them same attention as a manufacturer or rental agency. To get preferred attention for credit unions, Repo Remarketing was founded.
Dec 2009 Repo Remarketing Makes Selling Cars Easy for Credit Unions
The Washington Credit Union League is happy to announce its exclusive endorsement of Repo Remarketing.
Nov 2009 CUNA Survey Shows CUs Dissatisfied with Auto Remarketing Results
Credit unions are dedicating a significant number of hours each month to processing repossessed vehicles and are not happy with the results they are seeing.

Repo Remarketing Receives State League Endorsements
Credit unions using Repo Remarketing out-perform the market by 8%+ and they saved 1.75+ staff hours per wholesale unit.

Will Remarketing Challenges Hamstring Credit Unions?
Because credit unions in the past have had low repossession rates, they are not experienced at handling the growing amount of repossessions.
Oct 2009 Remarketing your Repossessions
Good data drives smart decisions to capture more money for your credit union.

CUNA Vehicle Repossession Liquidation Survey
On average, it takes CUs 46 days from the date of repossession to sell their vehicles via retail channels, and 32 days to sell them via wholesale channels.
May 2009 Credit Union Magazine: Beat the Repo Blues
When CUs must take back vehicles, remarketing recoups some losses.


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