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Frequently Asked Questions

Repo Remarketing?
Repo Remarketing is a leading independent, customer focused, national repossession management and remarketing partnership, uniting financial institutions with deep industry-standard solutions and breakthrough technologies, providing a trustworthy bridge to liquidate more efficiently and profitably.

How would we benefit by using Repo Remarketing?
The principle of aggregation works. Join other financial institutions and receive the returns and services you deserve. Collection departments want a service where one click will do it all, and with Repo Remarketing, managing the recovery process and selling repossessions could never be easier. Repo Remarketing’s service specializes in managing repossession and remarketing efficiently, simply and profitably. It allows your staff to manage the process in literally just a few minutes a week, allowing for more time on internal efficiencies and/or delinquent accounts.

We’ve had low sale prices and bad experiences from the sale of our repossessions, what does Repo Remarketing do differently?
Everything… Repo Remarketing is a specialized repossession management and remarketing service that represents their clients, not the auction or the buyer. With 35+ years of experience, you can take advantage of Repo Remarketing’s extensive resources, nationwide resources and experience to maximize your return through the entire process.

How is a recovery agent selected?
Our network of independent repossession contractors are top performers in their market. Within our system, we track recovery ratios from 3,000 plus agents and hundreds of thousands of transactions. Data drives smart business decisions and you can be sure to have top results throughout the USA.

For what types of vehicles does Repo Remarketing provide repossession management and remarketing services?
All types of assets in any condition can be recovered and sold. Repo Remarketing has access to thousands of weekly cash buyers for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Sport Utility Vehicles, and all types of Recreational Vehicles throughout the United States.

Where are the cars sold?
More bidders = More Money. Repo Remarketing strategically partners with large regional auto auctions where the units are offered in premium run lanes bringing in TOP Buyers and more money. Repo Remarketing brings competitive bidding in a commercially reasonable auction venue considered a PRIVATE SALE for your notice of intent.

How do we know if we’re getting fair market value?
You receive a comprehensive Vehicle Value and Condition Report for each vehicle. It’s complete with digital pictures, detailed condition reports, and exceptional vehicle value guides. It takes the guesswork from pricing, and is an absolute must for auditor reviews.

How does their service work?

  1. Quick: Assign it to Repo Remarketing on-line
  2. Convenient: Direct next step action items from our pro-active emails
  3. Easy: Report on your inventory within one EASY system, →RMS
  4. Efficient: Let Repo Remarketing manage all the rest
  • Repossession Management: Once submitted to Repo Remarketing, units are assigned to top performing recovery contractors in the subject zip code area. Within 24 hours, recoveries occur or you receive emailed update, and then every 72 hours thereafter. You may receive action item(s) requesting more information or direction as needed. Once the unit is recovered, it moves seamlessly into the remarketing channel with an emailed update requesting a sale date and the title.
  • Remarketing: Once the unit moves into the remarketing channel, it will be transported directly to auction, inspected and assigned to the first appropriate sale on or after the NOI Legal Sale Date. If there is a bankruptcy or a damage claim, the vehicle will be held until you authorize a release. Once the unit is assigned for sale, it is detailed and reconditioned as needed. Ongoing marketed to thousands of buyer’s ensures maximum vehicle exposure. You receive hard paper Vehicle Value and Condition Reports and can also access reports / status on-line anytime. Once the unit sells, you will receive your proceed check within a few days.

What should be reconditioned?
Cost-effective reconditioning is our focus and will increase vehicle value and your return. Example: When a non-running vehicle is presented in a “Non-Op Sale” all risk goes to the buyer and you’ll get less money. If repairing an item, such as a starter, will allow a unit to be presented in a running condition, with less buyer risk, you’ll get more competitive bids and be certain to cover minimal repair costs. This is cost-effective reconditioning increasing your bottom line. Generally we use a 1 to 3 rule. For each $1 invested, at least $3 will return. Each unit is unique and is inspected for its optimum cost-effective value, and as a result you’ll get MORE BIDS and MORE MONEY.

Do they remarket at a “private” or “public” sale?
All sales are considered private. In addition, all sales occur “on the block” ensuring an ethical top dollar sale in a commercially reasonable sale venue in a truly competitive bidding arena.

What about the storage costs?
There are none, unless your borrower redeems their collateral. In that case, they would pay nominal daily storage fees.

What is the most important benefit of Repo Remarketing?
Their clients can best answer this question. Please call Repo Remarketing for a list of references; we look forward to the opportunity to of earning your business as well.


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