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About Repo Remarketing

Combining the joint volume of our partners with industry proven liquidation solutions is our focus, and delivering a higher bottom line is our service. We provide the technology and data so our partners know where they stand, and we recommend solutions to improve while delivering more net returns.

Financial Institutions of all sizes benefit by joining together through Repo Remarketing, a leading national independent repossession management and remarketing company serving Financial Institutions since 1998. We focus on a partnership that combines innovative processes, leading-edge technologies, industry proven solutions and experience to provide a trustworthy bridge for our partners to liquidate more efficiently and profitably.

By focusing on the aggregated power of Lenders, Repo Remarketing is able to streamline their processes. Repo Remarketing will always add percentage points to the asset returns, where a portfolio can increase substantially.

Consider the huge potential of just 3 repossessions per month at a 5% increase. With an average sale price of $8,000 each = $24,000 X 12 months and by adding 5% increases your returns by $14,400 per year not to mention the staff savings of full time employees. Most of our newer partners are realizing 8%+ more. That is worth testing the aggregation principle. That’s what we give our partners: joined volume, all the data, technology, and service to know where they stand, and solutions to improve their bottom line.

What sets Repo Remarketing apart?

Once Credit Union centric and built on trust, we are now service centric and create a huge efficiency lift for our Lenders, through current industry best practices. We aggregate and serve Financial Institutions of all sizes nationwide, with the same full service repossession management and remarketing solutions that pay.

Experience exceptional service, best practices with limited liability, and an easy yet robust management portal in our REPO Management System →RMS

  1. Our motto: “When You Need to Repossess, We Manage all the Rest!”
  2. Aggregating nationwide inventory: Delivering best practices and the higher ROI that you deserve!
  3. Independent Repossession Management and Remarketing: Not affiliated with or compensated by Auctions or any other groups, working only for our Financial Institution partners!
  4. Robust and Transparent Reporting: Track and Benchmark to the market and Peers!

Repo Remarketing Values

We do the right thing together, with accountability, discipline and passion, and we believe that it’s our people who make Repo Remarketing what it is.

We have a team of great people, with great values; our actions demonstrate our values. We conduct ourselves with integrity and passion; we live and share our Company Values with others including one another.

  • Deliver exceptional services exceeding expectations earning our future business
  • Have passion for service and efficiency; being eager to take on challenges
  • Deliver value that pays at a lower cost with faster responses through teamwork
  • Listen, understand, and respect one another honestly and consistently
  • Are self critical first, second and third and open to “What if?”
  • Accountable for actions, deadlines and deliverables to our team, suppliers and partners

Repo Remarketing Key Behaviors

We want everyone who comes in contact with us to know that we do the right thing.

  1. Act with Speed: Repo Remarketing is a larger company today than before. With this responsibility comes the challenge of operating in a timely fashion. We must be agile enough to act faster than our competitors.
  2. Focus on Operating Excellence: Repo Remarketing is well positioned strategically. We focus on process performance to deliver on the full potential of our company.
  3. Communicate Openly: We want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is to marshal our company’s resources to find solutions.
  4. Collaborate Across the Company: Repo Remarketing’s power comes from the talented people who make up our company. By cooperating and sharing our knowledge with each other, we can maintain our mission.

5 Best Repossession Management Practices

  1. Connect your borrower to your financial institution
  2. Utilize Top Performing agents - Always
  3. Employ efficient & streamlined communication channels
  4. Exchange accurate and timely information
  5. Seamless and quick transfer to remarketing

7 Best Practice Principles of Repo Remarketing

  1. Streamline your Liquidation Process
  2. Open up your Market
  3. Validate Collateral and Venue
  4. Enhance Unit Values
  5. Utilize Industry Standard Data
  6. Capture TOP Bids
  7. Track / Benchmark your Results


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